Workplace Campaign


Thank you for choosing to LIVE UNITED.

Running a United Way Workplace Campaign provides your employees with an opportunity to impact postive change, while meeting your corporate philanthropy goals.

Through a Workplace Campaign, employees receive:

  • The chance to make a difference in their community

  • A convenient way to give through payroll deduction

  • Assurance that their donations are channelled to programs best positioned to address the greatest need

  • Opportunities to direct contributions by area of interest, such as education, older adults and or safety net services.

As the Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) for your organization, you are helping lead the charge in asking people to support change by giving to United Way.  The results of your campaign will directly affect thousands of people who need help in our community.

Your efforts, combined with those of hundreds of other who will be coordinating campaigns in their workplaces, will help ensure that our community thrives.

Thank you for your commitment to making change; we simply couldn't do it without  you.


We want you to have the very best Workplace Campaign possible.  Use the following links to find helpful resources:

·    Employee Campaign Coordinator Guide
Order Campaign Supplies
·    Why Give to United Way?
·    ECC Resources
·    Current Companies Running a Workplace Campaign


Please direct any questions or concerns to:
Dave Decker, Interim Executive Director, (215) 855-3002