A Donation with a Guaranteed Return

The North Penn United Way is grateful for our community members who believe in our mission. Four years ago, the North Penn United Way had a bold vision to make the North Penn and Indian Valley a community providing opportunities for all, and we developed a plan to help those who struggle the most to achieve their goals and dreams.

Because of local commitment to the North Penn and Indian Valley community, from 2012 through 2016 the North Penn United Way was able to support over 20,000 individuals and families within our community, providing financial assistance to 17 local nonprofit agencies, who we felt bettered the lives of the neediest people in our area.

Your precious dollars have helped students succeed in school, kept older adults safe and community connected, and allowed us to help provide safety net services for the most vulnerable in our neighborhoods.

It is because of you, the North Penn United Way approved another three year targeted investment cycle supporting 16 local nonprofits and 20 targeted programs from 2016 through 2019. These programs not only support families during the holiday season, but every day of their lives.

Are you ready to make an investment with a guaranteed return? Your donation will continue to fund programs that change lives and improve our community...that's a return you can count on. Please see the chart below to see your dollars in action. Thank you for your consideration and support.



What Your Dollar Buys
$25 Donation
Your $25 donation will provide a fully stuffed back pack for a low-income student, a week's worth of meals for an older adult using the Meals on Wheels program, or 150 cans of chicken for a local food pantry.
$50 Donation
Your $50 donation will provide daily breakfast for a family rebuilding after crisis, plant vegetables for an entire community garden that supports older adults, or 70 gallons of gas for a family in need.
$100 Donation
Your $100 donation will fund milk for a year for four local families, a year's worth of family breakfast for a family rebuilding after crisis, or a weekly educational workshop that will teach parents how to help their children become better readers.
$250 Donation
Your $250 donation will provide 3 square meals a day for a family in need, 13 tutoring memberships for low-Income children or 117 gallons of gas which allows in-home support visits to at risk families with young children.
$500 Donation
Your $500 donation will provide school supplies for 20 low-income children, 208 cans of soup for a local food pantry, or provide a week's worth of a Domestic Violence Survivor Support Group with child care and/or support group session for family members.
$1,000 Donation
Your $1,000 donation will provide 52 emergency food gift cards to low-income older adults, weekly counseling Session for a domestic violence client rebuilding their life, or 176 books and support materials for 88 low-income preschool children.